01 June 2007

Google bought Feedburner

It seems, today is blog day. Google announced today that they bought Feedburner. Feedburner is a tool for RSS feeds, which is used by a big number of bloggers, including myself. With the purchase, Google, clearly makes a point of showing their industry in user created content.

I would hope that Google will develop a new level of sophistication in using RSS feeds in the future. It's a bit scary to see this development as Google gains more and more influence into what the web community is doing. Google just bought Tube a few weeks ago... what will be next? Is Google becoming the Microsoft of the internet or will do things differently for the benefit of everyone?

"Offical wording: Q. Will Google assume full operational control of FeedBurner, or will FeedBurner remain autonomous?

A. We are excited to have the FeedBurner team join the Google team. The FeedBurner website will remain operational as we continue to integrate their technologies with Google's tools." (quoted from Feedburner's page)

Read more about this at Google's official blog

and here on Feedburner's page

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Nathan Olmstead said...

Hopefully Blogger will integrate a Feedburner ping for the less experienced users.

choc mint girl said...

Actually, I'm not quite updated in all these stuffs. Very resourceful. Thanks!