29 June 2007

Strobist 102 started

Strobist has started the Lighting 102 course. Why is it called 102, because the first one was called Lighting 101. Actually this week is already the second part and deals with distance. If you want to participate, you can still upload your assignment to Flickr. You can find more information on the Strobist Webpage. You might find this exercise less than exciting, but still do it. You learn by doing things more than just reading it. I did my assignment and encourage you to do the same.

David, the man behind Strobist just decided to take a leave of absence from work to concentrate for one year on the webpage and his family. As much as the strobist was worth the read and learning experience in the past, so much more is to be expected now.

That webpage is one of the best resources I know to learn about working with flashlights.

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