28 October 2007

New Cameras and I am back

I haven't concentrated on my blog for the last few months, as you can see in the lack of blog entries. My photography business needed some focus and attention. Now I am back in situation, where I can spend more time writing again.

A lot of things happened. For Nikon fans, the new Nikon D3 was announced. It is the first full frame sensor Nikon digital camera. From the numerous reports, I read it appears to be a truly sweet piece of camera. There have been improvements in the autofocus system and most importantly in the quality of high ISO exposures. The published test images on Nikon's webpage look promising. Some of the nifty features are 9fps continuous shooting on full frame, scene recognition system for better exposures etc. Another interesting feature, I noticed is the artificial horizon (looks like from a aeroplane cockpit), which helps you keeping the camera in line with the horizon (important for architecture and landscape).

Together with the D3, the D300 (successor to the D200) had been announced. This camera promises some nice improvements as well. I will get into more detail on both cameras in a later entry.

Have a look at Nikon's page to find out more.

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